Breaking down the Bucks' title, whether Giannis is more like Shaq or Magic

On this edition of Neat and Unfiltered, Kenyon and MG discuss the NBA Champion Milwaukee Bucks, Game 6, and just how hot was Giannis? Is he more like Shaq or Magic?

1:00: Giannis' performance - an all-time great performance in NBA Finals history

03:00: No chance of winning if Giannis went 17/19 from the free throw line

04:00: Khris Middleton made a big shot when they needed it, despite the mediocre night

06:00: Coming back from the knee hyperextension makes Giannis' performance even more impressive

13:00: The company Giannis has put himself in

16:00: Giannis is the 2021 version of Shaquille O'Neal - it's almost like he was made in a laboratory. Kenyon talks about briefly playing with Giannis in Milwaukee. 

18:00: Comparing Giannis to Magic Johnson

23:30: Too many times, the coaches are fired before the GMs

25:00: Going through the pieces Milwaukee brought in to put them over the top and how this could affect some teams' upcoming offseason moves

34:30: Mike Budenholzer winning despite the media writing him off as possibly getting fired this year

38:30: Kenyon thinks this championship fuels Giannis' competitive fire even more

43:30: West will be tougher next year regardless of the offseason movement

47:00: If you had asked Kenyon after the first two Finals if he thinks he'd get back, he would have said absolutely

48:00: This was probably CP3's only shot to get a title - for some, their one chance comes early, with others, it comes late in their career

49:00: This hurts CP3 more than people realize - to be two wins away from a championship after enduring everything in his career and the difficulties of COVID the last two years

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