Kenyon Martin and Mark Grey break down NBA Finals Game 4, which is now a 2-2 series
On this edition of neat and Unfiltered, Kenyon and Mark Grey wrap up game 4 of the NBA Finals that saw the Bucks even the series at 2-2. The Suns will look to take the momentum back on Saturday night back in Phoenix. Kenyon and Mark also chopped it up on the impact of international talent on rosters nowadays, Kenyon also gives some insight into his on court blow ups with refs. -02:00: We had a competitive game tonight from beginning to end   -03:00: Going through the Suns boxscore & Milwaukee's -04:30: Giannis "off-night", comparing the big Giannis block to LeBron on Iguodala -06:30: The non-foul call on Devin Booker late in the game & the sliding scale of officiating -13:30: Giannis stat line from tonight would be considered lights-out for anyone else -14:00: Khris Middleton's big night -15:30: CP3 lackluster night -18:00: Kenyon thinks Milwaukee takes G5 in Phoenix due to momentum and them knowing they'd rather get G5 than G7 on the road -21:30: Biggest game in franchise history for both squads coming up -28:30: Milwaukee needing to win one on the road & not feeling like they've done anything yet -33:00: PJ Tucker's role -39:30: Being a guy you can count on - he and George Karl didn't have the best of relationships but GK knew he could count on KM in important moments -41:30: Rajon Rondo being a PG that guys didn't want to play against and other guys that people didn't look forward to play against -48:00: Going back through the 2000 Draft -52:00: When KM almost took a swing at someone but heard David Stern's voice in his head and thought better of it -54:00: The rest of the world is catching up in terms of NBA talent -58:00: The lack of American-born big-men - haven't had any since the 90s/2000s -62:00: KM tells some stories about when he had issues with referees -76:00 Joey Crawford Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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