Kenyon Martin and Mark Grey on Bucks win in Game 3, Giannis' unique skills, Team USA
On this edition of neat and Unfiltered, Mark Grey joins Kenyon to wrap-up game 3 of the NBA finals. The Suns' lead is now 2-1 in the series and Neat and Unfiltered are here after each game to rundown the highlights and hit on the hot topics of the day. -01:00: Bucks responded knowing their backs would be against the wall with a loss -08:00: Khris Middleton performance -09:30: Giannis showed up again - the hate on him really needs to subside -11:00: Devin Booker won't have an off-night like tonight again, CP3 won't be as average either -15:00: Kenyon thinks Giannis puts the most pressure on opposing players in terms of being able to will his way since Shaq -17:00: Kenyon told Darvin Ham to tell Giannis he was spending too much at the line and it was going to become a thing a couple of years ago -18:00: Routines of good FT shooters vs bad -24:00: Switching gears to Phoenix, Jae Crowder won't be 6/7 from downtown in game 4 -25:30: What does Phoenix need to do now to adjust? -33:00: We'll find out who the better team is in Game Four -33:30: Who has more "play hard" guys -37:00: What Thanasis Antetokounmpo brings -38:30: Looking ahead to Game 4 -40:00: Team USA losing to Nigeria over the weekend - definitely a wake-up call -41:30: KD playing for Team USA after such a short rest from the playoffs -47:30: More and more countries are popping up with NBA talent and increasing the level of competition across the board -48:30: At the end of the day, still tough to think that a team led by Popovich won't win a gold medal -58:00: Comparing the 03 roster KM was on to the 04 roster that lost in the Olympics -61:30: What's more important - physical or mental intimidation -69:30: Staying in NJ was out of his control -75:00: Other teams Kenyon could have signed with at that time -79:00: The style of basketball the Nets played -84:00: Earl Boykins Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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