Kenyon Martin and Mark Grey break down NBA Finals Game 1, Sha'Carri Richardson, more
On the latest episode of Neat and Unfiltered, Kenyon Martin is joined once again by Mark Grey as they wrap up game 1 of the NBA finals. -01:00: MG was surprised by how well Giannis played one week removed from the hyperextended knee -02:00: KM's take - great atmosphere, Booker, CP3 and Ayton all had great nights - Suns were able to get to their spots on the floor offensively -04:00: How Milwaukee used Giannis and Brook Lopez and how they should use them against Ayton -06:00: Milwaukee should have done more to get the ball in Jae Crowder's hands since he had an off-night -07:00: What KM thinks the ideal Bucks offense looks like -09:00: Kenyon giving his impressions of playing in the NBA Finals and the approach to a such a big stage - tried to maintain his intensity but he was almost too hyped at times -10:30: Story about Keith Van Horn not picking up Shaq defensively in an NBA Finals game -12:30: Adjustments Milwaukee needs to make for Game 2 -14:00: Who Phoenix was attacking in their pick n rolls and how the Bucks need to counter -15:00: The only positive for the Bucks was Giannis playing 35 min and not looking hampered by the injury -16:00: KM was vocal to his coaches about things he noticed on the floor - he would try it the coach's way first but if no good he did what he thought was best -20:00: The Bucks have to stop the pick and roll to have a chance in the series -20:30: CP3 is one of the kings of pick n roll   -24:00: If CP3 wins this series, where does he rank among PGs -30:00: Comparing KM's experiences with J Kidd vs the type of player CP3 is - Kidd wasn't as vocal - only spoke up when he needed to - went out and took care of his business   -37:30: Steph, Pistol Pete, AI, Dame are in their own class of PGs   -38:30: Game 2 preview - Milwaukee adjustments, Phoenix can make some minor tweaks - the Suns should expect an amped up Bucks team in Game 2 -40:00: The series isn't over if the Bucks lose Game 2, but they do need to get one in the desert at some point, and it only gets harder as the series goes on -47:00: Comparing the Harden & Anthony Davis injuries to Giannis, the Greek Freak being as in-shape as he is certainly helped his speedy return -48:00: Rachel Nichols incident - unfortunate that people can't have a private convo and it's foul that someone released it, the topic of the convo - KM isn't surprised by what ESPN did - happens in every field about increasing visible diversity.   -53:00: Considering the conversation was private and she had no reason to put on airs, what she said wasn't really that bad -1:01:00: Sha'Carri Richardson suspension -1:14:00: Chauncey getting the Portland job -1:16:30: J Kidd getting the Dallas job Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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