Kenyon Martin talks NBA playoffs, Giannis vs. Trae, Booker vs. George, CP3's health

On the latest episode of Neat and Unfiltered, Kenyon Martin is joined once again by Mark Grey to discuss the ongoing NBA Playoffs, which is down to the final four. The guys get into the Hawks-Bucks series and the Suns-Clippers series, sharing who they think will be crowned the NBA Champions.

1:00 - Initial Impressions of the Conference Finals series, and the injuries that ravaged the NBA Playoffs.

7:00 - Brooklyn falling out of the playoffs wasn't all on Kyrie Irving and James Harden's injuries, and the Hawks are going to be a handful for Milwaukee.

14:50 - The two stars that had free throw troubles, and the difference in their mentalities where Giannis stayed aggressive to go back to the free throw line, while Ben Simmons just stopped shooting all together.

20:30 - The 76ers have so many questions after exiting the playoffs, and Kenyon understands why Doc Rivers can't give us all the answers already.

25:30 - Is the Sixers' loss all on Ben Simmons, or is his environment culpable for his mental issues? There's no secret to what is going on with Ben Simmons, but now is not the time to give up on him in Philly.

37:00 - The Suns and Clippers both without one of their super stars for the Western Conference Finals. The impact of missing Chris Paul and Kawhi Leonard for their respective teams.

43:30 - Kenyon makes his NBA Finals Champion pick, saying this team is already battle tested just by who they got through in the second round of the playoffs.

46:30 - All-NBA Rosters and the issues with the set positions. If the All-Star game changed formats why can't the All-NBA Voting?

53:30 - What is the public perception of the Utah Jazz and its stars? Donovan Mitchell snubbed for All-NBA, after LeBron picked him last in the NBA All-Star game draft. 

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