Neat & Unfiltered: Kenyon Martin & Jadakiss talk Kwame Brown controversy, NBA playoffs and more

On this episode of Neat and Unfiltered, Kenyon Martin and Jadakiss are joined by friend of the show, Mark Grey. The trio discuss the NBA playoff matchups in-depth, and Jadakiss was out of the country during the Kwame Brown vs. All The Smoke beef, so he gets to catch up. The guys all agree, don't mess with a millionaire who still cuts his own grass. Neat & Unfiltered is produced by @ncpodcasts and powered by

01:00: Game 1s are all in the books.

02:30: Series predictions for Jadakiss, Kenyon, and MG

05:00: Clippers vs Luka -08:00: Nets-Celtics is a warm up series for Brooklyn

10:00: Knicks vs Hawks - what went wrong for NY in G1

13:00: Ja Morant's performances for Memphis

14:30: Donovan Mitchell's healthy scratch?

18:00: The playoffs missing Steph Curry - but the Warriors are pretty much all Curry at this point

27:30: Jada losing $ on Draymond +/- 6.5 points

30:00: Kwame Brown beefs with Stephen Jackson & Matt Barnes

43:30: In an era where we're anti-bullying, Kwame was being bullied

46:00: Charlemagne vs Kwame

50:40: Jadakiss' old beef with Beanie Sigel

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