Season 2 Episode 12- Corie Blount and Al Harrington
On a special, 4/20 edition of Neat and Unfiltered, Kenyon and Kiss are joined by a pair of former NBA players turned medical marijuana entrepreneurs. Former Cincinnati Bearcat and 11-year NBA veteran Corie Blount is up first, followed by 16-year NBA veteran, Al Harrington. The guys ask about their experiences in the NBA that led him to their life's work with medicinal marijuana, and what gave they that spark to jump headfirst into a growing industry. Corie Blount is getting ready to launch an infused wine, while Al Harrington was one of the first former athletes in the business with Viola. You can follow Corie Blount @CorieBlount on Instagram and Twitter You can follow Al Harrington @AlHarrington3 on Instagram and @CheddahCheese7 on Twitter 1:30 - Since retiring from the NBA, Corie has been an entrepreneur with his latest venture developing a CBD wine that should be available for market in a month. 12:00 - Kenyon and Corie share how impact Bob Huggins was for both of their professional careers. It took more time for Huggins to rub off on Corie than it did for Kenyon. 16:00 - Kenyon and Corie detail when they each felt they hit a breaking point with Coach Huggins. 21:30 - When Corie recognized just how good Kenyon was, and that he could have been the No 1 pick of the NBA Draft. 23:00 - Kenyon and Kiss welcome Al Harrington to the show 25:00 - Al building his company Viola and and medical marijuana after his playing career 27:30 - How medical marijuana changed his life, after provided a cure for his grandmother. 31:30 - Al details how difficult it was to navigate the medical marijuana field 10 years ago compared to today with hundreds of celebrities, including Jadakiss, with their own strains. 38:00 - Black entrepreneurs and black businesses can’t sit idly by and be boxed out of the industry like they have been in the past. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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