Season 2 Episode 9 - Gary Payton

On the latest episode of Neat and Unfiltered, Kenyon and Kiss are joined by Hall of Famer Gary Payton. One of Kenyon's mentors when he entered the NBA, he has to ask about The Glove's journey to the NBA and how he became one of the greatest players in NBA History and an even better person.

01:30- Kenyon and Kiss on the NBA Trade Deadline and moves

09:00- March Madness and looking toward the championship game.

10:00- NBA Africa

15:00 Legal marijuana in New York

21:30 - Gary Payton was just a kid from Oakland but somehow found a way to become a Hall of Famer

23:00 - Gary Payton was committed to go to St Johns to play with Chris Mullin.

26:30 - How Gary and Shawn Kemp grew up playing for KC Jones and how they flourished under George Karl and Assistant Coach Tim Grgurich.

30:30 - Gary and Kenyon discuss having their sons playing pro ball, and how hard it is to not try to make their kids play just like they did.

33:30 - How Gary Payton got himself into the medical cannabis business and how important it is for him to help others. 

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