Season 2 Episode 4
Two of Kenyon's best friends, former 6th overall pick in the NBA draft and Cincinatti alum DerMarr Johnson, and entrepreneur Mark Grey catch up on Cam Newton's run-in with a disrespectful little punk, "What Would Kenyon Do?" And KJ is blocking everything in the G League. Neat & Unfiltered is produced by @ncpodcasts for - 00:00-8:30 - Cam Newton had was disrespected by some little kid, What Would Kenyon Do? - 8:30-15:00 - Dame vs Luka for All Star Starter -15:00- 28:00 - More All-Star talk - 28:00-29:00 - Harden vs Kyrie to be the PG of the Nets - 33:30-35:00 - DerMarr and Kenyon on Demarcus Cousins leaving  - 44:00-46:30 - Kenyon and Mark are freaking out about Draymond Green's lack of scoring 48:00-51:30 - KJ in the G-League 51:30 - DerMarr recalls Jacque Vaughn opening up the season with an 0-fer for multiple games. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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